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The Saturday arrived and I was there, all dressed up for a party. I knocked on their door but as weird at may seem, I couldn’t hear any music. One of the sexy live girls opened the door and there I was, next door. I asked them where are the rest of the party people and they told me that is going to be a private party, just them and I. That sounded pretty exciting for me.

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Most woman date many guys before they decide to get married and most of them don`t even get the honor of being imagined as the perfect guy to be a husband some day. This is because, even if we don`t want to admit it, women have some rules or qualities that a man should have in order to be the perfect husband for them. These qualities can differ from woman to woman, because we are all different in our minds, but we are also all the same in some aspects, so there are certain qualities that take priority and that most women would agree too when it comes to choosing a man to marry. So let`s chat a bit about the perfect husband-to-be!I have to admit that I have these kind of discussions last night with some hot cougars on where I chat all night long about relationshiop and after that I enter a private sex cams with a beautiful 35 years old woman.

A man must know what he wants and how he wants it, because women have a tendency to be more of a dreamer and they need a man that is grounded and that can see his future and include her in this future also. If a man cannot see his future side by side with the woman that he is dating, then it would probably be a bad idea to get married. He must have his own plans and he must know what kind of life he wants to have and where his future wife will fit into all this, because if he sees only himself in all the pictures, than something is not right with that relationship. It is probably a relationship based on sex and chat and nothing more and it will end just as fast as it started.

A good man is very optimistic and can get his wife out of her state of melancholy and get her started on their future together. It has been shown that women that have by their side a partner that is optimistic and energetic are much happier in their marriage and their relationship lasts longer. This can be for both partners because if you are the type of person that sees or tries to see the full half of the glass, then  your life and your couple life will be much better and happier.

This one is for both men and women: you have to be willing to change for your partner. Of course, that does not mean that you have to lose yourself when you get married, you just need to be willing to analyze yourself and see the things about you that really bother your partner and try and change that somehow. A man that is willing to change for his woman is clearly a man worth pursuing and worth considering for the husband position.

We all know that men have their little gambles and bets that they like to make, but a man that will make a good husband knows how to handle his money so that he does not live on tomorrow`s money today. He knows when to spend and how and he knows that he does not need to shower you in gifts, but can make a small gesture once in a while.

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